A Lv. 3 Monster (Orange Mushroom)

Monsters are beginning to invade the Maple Word under control of the Black Mage! Empress Cygnus and Neinheart have recruited you and your friends to help eachother conquer the monsters and restore peace to the land!

The idea is to complete quests and help the NPCs that you meet while training with friends and gathering items and EXP to level up and become one of the strongers adventurers in the Maple World.

If you destroy enough of the same monster, it's even possible for them to become your friend.

Types of Monsters[edit | edit source]

In the Maple World, there are Normal Monsters and Boss Monsters that block your path to destroy the Black Mage. Normal Monsters respawn quickly and have less HP than the Boss Monsters which are generally tougher and have a set spawn timer.

Dungeon Monsters are monsters that only appear in special dungeon maps.

Event Monsters spawn in a map specifically for them, found usually in your home. They only appear for a limited time, so it is best to fight them when you can!

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