Every monster can be mastered and tamed. Normal monsters, Boss Monsters, and even Pets!

Okay, sounds nice. So how does this work?

Taming Book[edit | edit source]


In game, there's an option to open the Monster Book, also called Taming Book. The page that automatically pops up is your very own Summary. Here you can see your current Taming level. Top left is a cup, right underneath it your progress to level up. Beneath that the number of Monsters you have Encountered, Registered, Tamed, and Mastered. On the right page you find your currently equipped Monster (if you have any).

If you look closer, you see 2 tabs on the book. When you click "Monster," you can browse through the Areas you 've been and can take a look at the Monsters you've encountered. Every Monster shows you how many times you've slain it, and what your current Mastery is. It also shows the Monster's level, location and collection. There's 4 icons above the Monster image. You can unlock these icons, with their special powers, through leveling up your Mastery for that current Monster.

There are different mastery cups for each level.

Cups and Titles[edit | edit source]

Cup Title Points
Rookie Tamer.png Rookie Tamer 0
Novice Tamer.png Novice Tamer 10
Junior Tamer.png Junior Tamer 50
Pro Tamer.png Pro Tamer 100
Veteran Tamer.png Veteran Tamer 200
Skilled Tamer.png Skilled Tamer 300
Gifted Tamer.png Gifted Tamer 500
Master Tamer.png Master Tamer 1000
Brilliant Tamer.png Brilliant Tamer 1750
Legendary Tamer.png Legendary Tamer 3000

Normal Monster Mastery[edit | edit source]

After only 1 kill, the Monster will appear in the Book as Encountered. Total includes the first kill to register it and the previous kills (meaning all the kills you would have ever done to gain a star).

Mastery Total Kills Mastery Total Kills
1 Star 100 6 Stars 15 100
2 Stars 1 000 7 Stars 16 000
3 Stars 3 000 8 Stars 18 000
4 Stars 6 000 9 Stars 21 000
5 Stars 10 000 10 Stars 25 000
Tame 15 000 Master 30 000

After you completely master a Monster, it will glow with a gold aura.

Encountered Registered Tamed






Boss Monster Mastery[edit | edit source]

Glowing king slime.png

Boss Monsters require less kills to master then normal Monsters.

Again, after only 1 kill, the Boss Monster will appear in the Book as Encountered.

After you totally Master the Boss Monster, it will glow.

Mastery Total Kills Mastery Total Kills
1 Star 5 6 Stars 105
2 Stars 15 7 Stars 115
3 Stars 30 8 Stars 130
4 Stars 50 9 Stars 150
5 Stars 75 10 Stars 175
Tame 100 Master 200

Mastery Skills[edit | edit source]

These Mastery Skills apply ONLY for normal Monsters and Boss Monsters. There are 4 skills in total. They are more like buffs than skills.

Mastery Skill
1 Star You will gain more EXP when you hunt this Monster.
Tame You can equip this Monster to follow you around.
Tame This Monster will drop more Gold
Master This Monster will glitter when equipped.

Pet Mastery[edit | edit source]

Pet info.png

You can also Master your pets. Every star means you leveled up your interaction once. You can level up interaction by Playing (every 4h), or Feeding your pet with Pet Food. It doesn't matter wich pet you get, they all start with 2 basic abilities:

  • Follow: Your Pet follows you around.
  • Basic Fetch Item: Your Pet fetches items near you.

Every new ability requires a higher level.

Star Ability EXP needed
1 Star Basic Talk 50
2 Stars Pet Speed Up 100
3 Stars Advanced Talk 170
4 Stars Advanced Fetch Item 280
5 Stars Pet Glow 400
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