Required Level: 1

NPCs[edit | edit source]

Functionality[edit | edit source]

Home is a hub-like map at which you obtain daily rewards. You can also find Yulete and Alberich the Enchanter doing their specific duties at your home. Special holiday events take place in the home map, and time-limited structures and NPCs will be added.

HomeIcon.png You are able to travel to your home at any time by clicking the house icon in the bottom right corner of the screen.
TravelIcon.png You can also leave back to the main map by clicking the travel icon.
Build Icon.png Building allows you to decorate your home with items you purchase with gold or Facebook credits. They serve no real purpose other than aesthetics and showing off your wealth to your friends. If you click on the build icon, you will enter building mode. In building mode, you can buy objects from two different categories: Nature and Artificial. You can place items, move them, flip them, and even sell the items back after they have been purchased.

Reactors[edit | edit source]

Placed around the home map are reactors which you can collect items from like the normal maps, however, it will cost some energy or Help Points to do so. The reactors may drop their own collection items and also give experience and gold. Sometimes they will even drop energy.

The different reactors in the home map are:

Friends[edit | edit source]

You can travel to friend's home map by hovering over their picture and clicking "Visit." Everyday, you will obtain 5 Help Points for each friend and you can collect 5 of their reactors. Every reactor gives an amount of Gold and EXP itself. Each time you click a friends reactors, it will net you 1 Heart XP for a total of 5 per friend per day. You will also get 5 free energy and 500 gold for the first 15 friends you help out completely.

If a friend is brewing a recipe in their cauldron, you can reduce the time of their crafting by using a Help Point on it.

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