Full Pink Bean Set

Fashion items are used to make your character more beautiful and to hide your potentially ugly armour.

All Fashion items dress OVER your armor, meaning you won't see your armor if you have placed a Fashion item over it! Most fashion items can be bought from the shop and cost Facebook Credits, but some of the not-as-cool-looking fashion pieces can be purchased with gold.

How to change your fashion items[edit | edit source]

To change your fashion items, go to the shop menu, click on fashion. On the fashion shop window there is an option in the top right corner that says "View Owned". Select that option and you will see all the fashion items you have. To put it on, just click "equip".

Fashion from Mystery Boxes[edit | edit source]

Both Mystery and Treasure Boxes come from Monsters and Boss Monsters.

Item Name Mystery Box Item Name Treasure Box
Baby Angel Wings.png Baby Angel Wings Henesys Recycled Box.png Recycled Box Henesys
Blue Air H's.png Blue Air H's Kerning City Lined Hip-Hop Pants.png Lined Hip-Hop Pants Kerning City
Red air hs.png Red Air H's Towering Pants.png Prisoner Pants Towering
Leather Bandana.png Leather Bandana Perion Black Landcell Pack.png Black Landcell Pack Perion
Green Overalls.png Green Overalls Ellinia Yellow Rain Boots.png Yellow Rain Boots Ellinia
Hawaiian flower.png Hawaiian Flower Sunny Baby lupin cape.pngBaby Lupin Cape Sunny
Red Boxing Gloves.png Red Boxing Gloves Mid Forest Orange Hooded Vest.png Orange Hooded Vest Mid Forest
Red Flight Headgear.png Red Flight Headgear Subway Blue Star Cape.png Blue Star Cape Subway
Blue Chinese Undead Costume.png Blue Chinese Undead Costume Dusty Baseball Glove.png Baseball Glove Dusty
Lightning Tshirt.png Lightning T-shirt Tree Dungeon Blue Pre-School Hat.png Blue Pre-School Hat Tree Dungeon
Pumpkin Headgear.png Pumpkin Headgear Swampy Land Bald Wig.png Bald Wig Swampy Land
Straw Hat.png Straw Hat Golem's Temple

Rock Chain Armlet.png Rock Chain Armlet

Golem's Temple
Blue Sporty Cap.png Blue Sporty Cap Steel Frame Cracked Glasses.png Cracked Glasses Steel Frame
Red Headband.png Red Headband Steep Downhill

Yellow baseballcap.png Yellow Baseball Cap

Steep Downhill
Giant Bear Cap.png Giant Bear Cap Sleepy Dungeon Chipmunk Tail.png Chipmunk Tail Sleepy Dungeon
Kerning Square Kerning Square

Fashion From Other Boxes[edit | edit source]

These can be obtained by Returning Hires and completing the Letters of MAPLE/STORY Collections. They have a low percentage chance of actually getting them though, you are more likely to get the prizes.

Item Name Box Name & Found by Full Gear Image
Moon Bunny headgear.png Moon Bunny Headgear
  • Box of MAPLE Letters
  • Letters of MAPLE: obtained by Returning Hires and completing the Letters of MAPLE Collection
Moon Bunny.png
Moon Bunny costume.png Moon Bunny Costume
Moon Bunny paws.png Moon Bunny Paws
Moon Bunny gloves.png Moon Bunny Gloves
Teddy Bear headgear.png Teddy Bear Headgear
  • Box of STORY Letters
  • Letters of STORY: obtained by Returning Hires and completing the Letters of STORY
Teddy bear.png
Teddy Bear costume.png Teddy Bear Costume
Teddy Bear Shoes.png Teddy Bear Shoes
Teddy Bear gloves.png Teddy Bear Gloves

Fashion from Fashion Shop[edit | edit source]

Buyable with Gold from the shop. Items marked with (M) can only be bought by male characters, and items marked with (F) can only be bought by female characters. Unmarked items can be bought by all.

Type Item Name Cost Item Name Cost
Accessory Classic Masquerade Mask.png Classic Masquerade Mask 82 000 Bindi.png Bindi 68 000
Facial Powder.png Facial Powder 68 000 Santa Beard.png Santa Beard 100 000
Eye scar.png Eye Scar 68 000 Pop-Eye.png Pop-Eye 93 000
Big White Sunglasses.png Big White Sunglasses 82 000 Bandage Strip.png Bandage Strip 68 000
Allergic Reaction.png Allergic Reaction 82 000 Pink Two-Toned Shades.png Pink Two-Toned Shades 93 000
Aqua Toy Shades.png Aqua Toy Shades 82 000 5 O'Clock Shadow.png 5 O'Clock Shadow 82 000

Goatee.png Goatee (M)

68 000


Pink Bean Tail1.png Pink Bean Tail 5 000 000 Cotton blanket.png Cotton Blanket 250 000
Orange Mushroom Balloon.png Orange Mushroom Balloon 78 000 Red G-Wing Jetpack.png Red G-Wing Jetpack 78 000
Blue Nymph Wing.png Blue Nymph Wing 78 000 Pepe Balloon.png Pepe Balloon 98 000
Cat Tail Cape.png Cat Tail Cape 90 000 Napoleon Cape.png Napoleon Cape 64 000
Coat Yellow Snowboard top.png Yellow Snowboard Top 74 000 Orange Snowflake Sweater.png Orange Snowflake Sweater 74 000
Pink Smiley Tee.png Pink Smiley Tee 65 000 Yellow Frill Sleeveless.png Yellow Frill Sleeveless 65 000
Wild Top.png Wild Top 54 000 Brown Wild Top.png Brown Wild Top 54 000
Ragged Top.png Ragged Top 65 000 Orange Baseball Jacket.png Orange Baseball Jacket 54 000
Shine Rider.png Shine Rider (M) 65 000 Green Disco Shirt.png Green Disco Shirt 65 000
Skull T-Shirt.png Skull T-Shirt (M) 54 000 Red Sailor Shirt.png Red Sailor Shirt (F) 74 000
Green t-shirt.png Green T-Shirt (F) 54 000
Gloves Hair cutter gloves.png Hair-Cutter Gloves 70 000 Mesoranger Gloves.png Mesoranger Gloves 60 000
Freuds gloves.png Freud's Gloves 60 000 Transparent Skull Glove.png Transparent Skull Glove 70 000
Cat Set Mittens.png Cat Set Mittens 70 000 Blue ninja gloves.png Blue Ninja Gloves (F) 60 000
Hat Pink Bean Hat.png Pink Bean Hat 10 000 000 Blue Cap.png Blue Cap 105 000
Meshcap.png Meshcap 115 000 Black Petite Scarf.png Black Petite Scarf 105 000
Mesoranger Blue Helmet.png Mesoranger Blue Helmet 105 000 Van Hat.png Van Hat 90 000
Old School Uniform Hat.png Old School Uniform Hat (M) 90 000 Race Ace Cap.png Race Ace Cap (M) 73 000
Straw Sun Hat.png Straw Sun Hat 105 000
Longcoat Pink Bean Suit1.png Pink Bean Suit 10 000 000 Cutie Buck Outfit.png Cutie Buck Outfit 53 000
Yellow Mesoranger.png Yellow Mesoranger (F) 65 000
Pants Ripped jeans.png Ripped Jeans 67 000 Yellow Snowboard pants.png Yellow Snowboard Pants 67 000
Bunny-Padded Snowboard Pants.png Bunny-Padded Snowboard Pants 74 000 Saruel Pants.png Saruel Pants 57 000
Vintage Jeans.png Vintage Jeans 74 000 Dark Rider Pants.png Dark Rider Pants (M) 57 000
Tropical Shorts.png Tropical Shorts (M) 57 000 Wild Pants.png Wild Pants 67 000
Green Disco Pants.png Green Disco Pants 57 000 Torn-up Jeans.png Torn-up Jeans 74 000
Military Shorts.png Military Shorts (M) 57 000 Cowboy Shorts.png Cowboy Shorts (F) 57 000
Red Sailor Skirt.png Red Sailor Skirt (F) 67 000
Shoes Pink Bean Shoes1.png Pink Bean Shoes 7 500 000 Mesoranger boots.png Mesoranger Boots 43 000
Snowboard Boots.png Snowboard Boots 43 000 Red Leather Boots.png Red Leather Boots 37 000
Military boots.png Military Boots 43 000 Blue Gomushin.png Blue Gomushin 37 000
Race Queen Boots.png Race Queen Boots (F) 43 000
Weapon Mini Bean Propeller.png Mini Bean Propeller 20 000 000

Fashion from Boss Monsters[edit | edit source]

From a Collection[edit | edit source]

Fashion Items available when turning in a Boss Monsters Collection.

Item Name Type Boss Name Map
Slime Hat.png Slime Hat Hat King Slime King Slime Area
Devil Wings.png Devil Wings Cape Black Knight Black Knight Area
Blue Ribbon Shorts.png Blue Ribbon Shorts Pants Grey Yeti and King Pepe Grey Yeti and King Pepe Castle
Woodsmanhat.png Woodsman Hat Hat Stumpy Stumpy Area
Greenleafoveralls.png Green Leaf Overalls Longcoat Tree Rod Tree Rod Area
Star Beach Shorts.png Star Beach Shorts Pants Desert Giant Desert Giant Beach
Slimeslippers.png Slime Slippers Shoes Zombie Mushmom Z. Mushroom Area
Dualbladegloves.png Dual Blade Gloves Gloves Mithril Mutae Mithril Mutae Area
Indianhatwfeathers.png Indian Hat w/ Feathers Hat Primitive Boar Primitive Boar Den
Pink sweather.png Pink Sweather Coat Magik Fierry Magic Fairy Area
Redtshirtwheart.png Red T-Shirt w/ Heart Coat Mr. Alli Mr. Alli Area
Brown rocky bandana.png Brown Rocky Bandana Hat Enraged Golem Enraged Golem Temple
Frankenroids receiver.png Frankenroid's Receiver Accessory Frankenroid Frankenroid Ruins
White bandana.pngWhite Bandana Hat Mano Mano Area

Dropped[edit | edit source]

These are dropped by a Dungeon boss monster.

Item Name Type Boss Name Dungeon
Rainbow tie dye shirt.png Rainbow Tie-Dye Shirt Coat Mr. Oyster Mr. Oyster Bed

Fashion from Quests[edit | edit source]

These Fashion items are available through completing Quests.

Item Name Type Quest Name Location
O Mushroom T shirt.png O. Mushroom T-Shirt Coat Restoring the Ancient Organism The Road to Henesys
Newspaper cape.png Newspaper Cape Cape One More Favor The Hill West of Henesys II
Mummy Wrap.png Mummy Wrap Accessory A Friendly Gesture The Road South of Kerning City I
Beige Golashes.png Beige Golashes Shoes A Travelling Companion? West Street Corner of Perion I
Hajimaki1.png Hajimaki Hat Walk the Talk Stumpy Area
Honeybee costume.png Honeybee Costume Longcoat Re-blooming Flowers Tree Rod Area
Hatched Bird Cap.png Hatched Bird Cap Hat The Chickening Farm Near Middle Forest
Zombie mushroom hat.pngZombie Mushroom Hat Hat Wanted: Zombie Mushmom Z. Mushroom Area
Rainbow Tee.png Rainbow Tee Coat Lost Tools Mithril Mutae Area
Autumn Hat.png Autumn Hat Hat Fire Boar BBQ Primitive Boar Den
Yellow nymph wing.png Yellow Nymph Wing Cape Turning a Blind Eye Magic Fairy Area
Pattisier hat.png Patissier Hat Hat Tasting the Greatness The Swamp of Despair

Event Items[edit | edit source]

Valentine's Day 2012[edit | edit source]

In Use Item Name Type Quest Name
CupidsWingCape Overall.png Cupids wings.pngCupid's Wings Cape Cape The Makings of Chocolate 2

Christmas 2011[edit | edit source]

Full Item Name Type Quest Name Location
Reindeer fullsuit.png Maplemas hat.png Maplemas Hat Hat Don't Touch My Antlers [EVENT] Christmas Town
Red nose.png Rudolph's Nose Accessory With Your Nose So Bright [EVENT] Christmas Town
Reindeer suit.png Reindeer Suit LongCoat Greetings of Gratitude {EVENT] Christmas Town

In use Item Name Type Mystery Bag
Holly hair clip and rudolph slippers in use.png Holly Hair Clip.png Holly Hair Clip Hat

[EVENT] Christmas Mystery Bag

Rudolph slippers.png Rudolph Slippers Shoes
Rudolph hat and snowman shoes in use.png Rudolph hat.png Rudolph Hat Hat
Snowman shoes.png Snowman Shoes Shoes

Thanksgiving 2011[edit | edit source]

In Use Item Name Type Quest Name Location
Baby turkey hat img.png Baby turkey hat.pngBaby Turkey Hat Hat MechaTurkey [EVENT] Forest near Mrs.Jones's Farm

In use Item Name Type Mystery Box
Turkey face decoration.png

Turkey Face Decoration.png Turkey Face Decoration


[EVENT] Green Turkey Mystery Egg

Bunny doll in use.png

Bunny Doll.png Bunny Doll


[EVENT] Yellow Turkey Mystery Egg

Halloween 2011[edit | edit source]

Full Item Name Type Quest Name Location
Skull suit.png Skull gloves.png Skull Gloves Gloves Inviting Friends

[EVENT] Inside Haunted Mansion

SkullSuit.png Skull Suit Longcoat

Party at the Haunted Mansion

[EVENT] Inside Haunted Mansion
Skull hat.png Skull Hat Hat Haunted Mansion Basement [EVENT] No More MV

Exclusive Items[edit | edit source]

For now, there are only a few exclusive items known so far.

Full Item Name Type Notes
Headwarming sprout equiped.png Sprout Hat.pngHeadwarming Sprout Hat Exclusive to Closed BETA players. If you were part of the Closed Beta in July, then you get the Headwarming Sprout and the Slime T-Shirt automatically. The Slime T-Shirt is also in the fashion shop buyable with Facebook Credits.
Forked turkey equiped.png Forked turkey.png Forked Turkey Weapon Given to 5 winners of the Thanksgiving 2011 photo contest on the MapleStory Adventures Facebook Page.
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